Shaping the future of transportation

The official University of Maryland and Rutgers University joint team for the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Design Competition.

We get the job done.

Our pod has been meticulously designed for the unique challenges the Hyperloop concept poses. No stone was left unturned, our analysis consisted of extensive trade-off studies yielding the most efficient system for winning the competition. Our design will help prove the Hyperloop’s merits and change the future of transportation!

We live for speed.

Our pod is designed to complete the mile long test track in under 20 seconds at over 250 mph. We believe this will allow us to be one of the most competitive teams for winning the competition.

We use little power.

Our systems exist at the bottom of a potential well, which means they are constantly seeking an equilibrium. This is done via passive levitation and control systems requiring no power at all! A small, lightweight, custom-built 350 Wh battery powers all of our systems and can be used for multiple test runs on one charge.

We design for safety.

With any new technology, safety is always a concern. With this in mind, we designed all of our critical systems to have high safety factors and to be redundant where possible. Our powerful braking system means the pod will always stop in just a few hundred meters.